Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Darkness about to do me some harm

So at first I did not think the darkness was effecting me but, this past weekend was such a downer. I had this sad feeling and just could not knock it. I think lack of some sunshine definately had something to do with that. I am so ready for the summer months with no school and lots of Sunshine. Doctrinally speaking Light is the life of the world and to gain exaltation we must be found possessing lots of "light, truth, glory, and intelligence" (D&C 93). I am glad that I have such access to the source of all truth and light no matter what life is like in the frozen tundra.

I am still enjoying my time here. Especially getting to know some of the folks in my ward, one handsome fella in particular but that is not a story for here or now. Let's just say I am excited to see where it takes me. Hope is abounding though! God is a God of miracles.

I am still one of the FHE coordinators. We just revamped the program for a new semester. We reorganzied the families and came up with a curriculum. The first Monday the lesson comes out of Preach My Gospel and the second Monday from the conference issue of the Ensign. When I was set apart, I was told that I would be able to help increase the testimonies of those in our ward. I know that by reading and studying the doctrines taught in Preach My Gospel -which asks you to read, experiment, and journal about the scriptures- and the words of our Prophets, seers, and revealators that testimonies will increase. The Holy Ghost's job is to testify of truth and of the Savior. If they will follow the curriculum and participated in the lesson -coming prepared- then their testimonies will increase. That was my goal anyways increase the time in the scriptures and doctrine and thus increase the Spirit's ability to whisper the truthfulness of the things being read and presented.

The darkness was really getting to me. I did not really notice it and then all the sudden it was like my whole life was dark for a weekend and that was not fun. I had this overwhelming sad feeling that I just could not shake. After four days of that I got a blessing from my Institute director Brother Monte Miles. He is amazing. I am so sad that he is retiring in May. It is so nice to feel the power of the priesthood and to feel the love of our Heavenly Father poured out upon us. He loves us all so much and wants us to be happy and that happiness comes from applying the gospel principles in our lives, DAILY.

I heard from a couple of good friends this past week. One is such a good man, genuine and funny. He was here over the summer doing an accounting internship and then went back to BYUI. Now he is off doing another internship in Connecticut. The other friend is getting her Masters at BYU Provo. Both of them could carry on wonderful gospel conversations. I really miss our those. We could talk forever about the redeeming doctrine of the gospel. Good friends are such treasures!!! I am really grateful for all the amazing experience I have here in Alaska. I am pretty sure I will be here for at least another year. Then who knows.

I know that as long as I am living the single life I want to keep furthering my education. I am thinking about a master's in Literacy, or Administration, Law School..and a few other things. Hopefully I will figure it out this next year or find a good man to marry and live my dream job as a wife and momma. =0)

I hope that all of you are well. Will blog more later. =0) Love you all!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby it's cold outside....

Being back in Anchorage is nice. I really really love it here. The mountains and snow its simply breathtaking....literally today it is -20 outside. When you breathe in your nose hairs stick together and freeze along with whatever else might be in your nose. When you go in side your nose melts so tissues are a must in every jacket, sweater, or hoodie. It is so cold anything and everything outside has a white film over it. The road signs, our post office pole in our parking lot, trees. The other day I was driving and my CO2 turned to ice on the inside of my car on my windshield and window. It is supposed to "warm" up into the 20's this weekend. Which means I will be able to take my roomate's dog on a walk and go myself. I have missed walking outside since I have been home. As a FYI we are gaining sunlight now slowly but surely.
I missed my friends while I was gone. I ran into a friend at Wal-Mart and we hugged and chatted and then the next day was a baptism and lots of ysa's were there. One of "brothers" in my FHE group told me our ward is not the same without you. How sweet was that. Anyway it made me feel so good to really feel apart of our ward. Our ward is on fire with missionary work the baptism on Saturday was for two ysa's Slade and Becca. I was asked to sing with Brittany the cutest girl in our ward seriously she is blonde, shorter, beautiful voice , kind , funny she is a riot....anyway I am sure we made quite the duo me being curvy, dark haired, and tall...I think we sounded ok. My voice was still a little froggy. We have a baptism this Saturday and one the following week too. I love it! I can't wait for everyone to be back from home too. Lots of kids are still gone but UAA starts back next week so they should be trickling in.
Also on Saturday was a celebration of 50 years of Alaska statehood; there were ice sculptures, free entertainment, and one of my favorite things ever FIREWORKS! It was a nice night downtown. I learned not to breath when taking a picture when it is this cold or your pictures are of your own breath. I also learned not to breath when someone is taking a picture of you when it is this cold outside or it looks like your spirit is escaping your body...that our you are in the witness protection program and your face is all blurred out.
My little car is hanging in there. I have a block heater but it still sounds like a waking dragon when it starts and I am always afraid it won't and I'll be late for school.
As a side note I got called to be our ward pianist SCARY I know. I do not have mad skills. I am excited that I will be getting better though. There are lots of things I hope to get better at in 2009. I love new beginnings.