Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Wonderland

So we have had so much snow it is everywhere and I love it. It has a special way of putting everyone in the Christmas Spirit. Yesterday we had some ice fog and it made all the trees and anything outside crusted in white ice and it truly looked like a winter wonderland. Gorgeous!!!
I have less than 48 hours before I fly home and can hardly contain myself and not sleeping much at night with excitement and fears of leaving behind my camera or some item.

Last night I went on such a fun date with a guy I have been wanting to go out with for awhile. We had a blast and I am sad he is moving to Idaho before I get back. =-) We went out for Asian food and he showed me how to make Pho' it was so yummy! Then he took me to the mall where we played at an arcade and won tons of tickets. I hit a bonus on one game and scored 500 tickets. It was a great time! We cashed in our tickets and got lots of fun treasures. Then got ice cream and roamed around the mall. We went into the neatest photog shop all about the Aurora Borealis. The photographer was there and so kind. He's pics were amazing and I hope that I see the Auroras soon.

I am missing Pandora. I have not Internet at home and def. missing my stations esp Chris LeDeoux something about his voice is raw and a few of his songs always make me cry.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Story

A month or so ago a friend shared a story about his life in Africa with us. He told us how when he was little his country was in a civil war and that he fled to South Africa seeking assylum and left there and went to another country but was starving on the rations he was given. Finally he was granted a visa to come to the USA to Alaska. He told how scared he was when he was interievewed to come and that he was sure they wanted to kill him. Several times he wanted to just die and give up. He told how he has 12 brothers and sisters and doesn't not where they are or if they are alive. It was heart breaking and so humbling to have so much here in the states and not to know war the way other people know it.

Yesterday he told a few more details of this story how his one brother was shot in front of his family and his mom was abused by the guerilla's. He recounted coming here and longing to hear his mothers voice just one more time. We were all crying our eyes out. He talked about crying out to God to answer his prayer for his family and that all he wanted was to hear his momma's voice one more time. He said he was speaking to a friend who escaped Africa too who was in Idaho and that his friend had spoken to someone in Africa who had seen his momma. He told his friend to give him his number so he could try to find her. He did call the friends's friend and he said your mom is alive give me two days to find her and track her down and we will call you. He said for those two days he was so worried he wouldn't find her. But he called him and my friend was able to speak to his momma and hear her voice. How happy he was he said he felt fat talking to her. I thought that was a great ananolgy to the feelings you feel that you think will make you explode you are so happy. So full. I was having a hard time containing my emotions during his story.

I am so blessed in so many ways. I was grateful for him for sharing this story. You could not be in that room and not have been humbled and touched. It made me long to be home for Christmas even more and blessed that I can do this. I love my family emensley and can not imagine not knowing where they are or how they are.

I hope we are taking the time to look beyond the hub bub of the holidays to what really matters!!

On a lighter note. Friday night Eagle River had their tree lighting ceremony and my friend's daughter sang with her Elementary choir so I went and there we went on a Sleigh Ride, played with some Reigndeer, and then got sushi. Yummo!

We had a sleepover Saturday after I took those girls shopping and we watched 3 of the Home Alones. I talked to mom and she said they watched them to with the grandkids. She told me Jacob my downs nephew who is 5 was laughing so loud and long and that he kept acting out the aftershave part of the show. SO cute. I can't wait to see him. Friday is my flight home. YAY!!!!