Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thanksgiving fun

I just wanted to write a short list of things I am Thankful for

~ My Heavenly Father and all that He has given me --my health and that it is not worse ha!

~Momma and Daddy

~My immediate family esp all the nephews and nieces they add so much to my life.. Jacob he has such a way of making me smile. ..but I love them all equally.

~My garganchewan extended family Mandy, Tana, Val, Sarah, Tyler, Jeremy, John John, all the rest too but these have been there for me in many ways many times

~Friends good ones that know me and keep tabs on me

~ Snow I find it so magical

~ Sunshine

~ Music esp that of my dad and siblings around a fire..yay

~ Food I love it all the flavors textures colors* cooking is like art for my soul

~Pictures and memories

Many more but these are at the top

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I might be getting a new member of the family..details are not pinned down yet but..if things go as planned I will be going to Idaho over Christmas break driving with all my siblings and fun. I am so excited. I am hoping we can lay over in Salt Lake one evening and see some mission friends, cousins, and temple square all light up.

It has been cold -5 for highs. Brrrrr. the inside of my car has ice in it from my breath. The moisture around the trees freeze and the look white. It is gorgeous.

Sunrise 9 17 am sunset 4 12 pm.

Crazy day at school today. I had a student get pretty physical in my room. Knocked down my wooden dream sign and took the flags out of it and was hitting it on the chalk tray trying to break it...they didn't break strong little dowels...then kicked my wooden box that holds the markers and destroyed that and threw the recycling bin. It always gets the adrenaline going when stuff like that happens and you feel bad but there is only so many options you can give before you ask them to leave your room.

Did anyone know Venezualeans have a rodeo event where they pull cows down by their tails from their horses. Weirdest thing I have heard so far. It looks hilarious watching someone do it.
THey put their leg over the saddle horn and try to pull it down.

Monday, November 9, 2009

winter has arrived

a little bit of snow oh yay!

this weekend I went to a free day at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. It was amazing. they were hosing the Lakota Sioux dance theatre it was incredible. I took my good friend and colleague's girls with me. We had a great time. 

It had snowed a little bit in Eagle River but Sunday evening the skies let loose and we got some substantial snow. Everything is so beautiful today. I need to get the snow tires put on my tiny car to keep us from sliding all over. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

peeling a pumpkin makes me feel proud and mormon!

So for my 8th grade US history we are having a "colonial" day. I cooked and peeled a pumpkin--for a colonial recipe of pumpkin soup. Shelled black walnuts to make ink. Now I am off to buy some feathers to make some quills to write with. I feel like a mormon woman today. knowing what to do with a pumpkin just has to be a qualifier for mormon womanhood right? =-) We are know for our resourcefulness. I am sure if my mom or grandmother were here they would have thought I threw too much away and found a good use for the rhines. that old addage use it up make it do or do without thing... It was super easy I must say and ( I am kinda proud of myself for not just opening a can) now to see how the soup actually turns out.

We are also going to make red ink from berries and have johnny cakes with butter they are going to shake. I hope it will leave a lasting impression and give a glimpse into the life of the colonists.

Still no snow. I love it and find it really magical even still and am beginning to wander if it is ever going to come. All is well though.

For those of you who have not listened to Pres Uchtdorfs ces talk from Sunday you should. It was amazing.