Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Thanksgiving fun

So Black Friday was spent in PJ the entire was nice I have been going and going and going. Monday nites FHE, Tuesday Institute Council and Institute class, Wednesday Institute class, Thursday Institute Choir, Friday fun with friends, Saturdays ready for Sunday, Sunday well its Sunday. Needless to say it was great to just relax with friends and watch some Christmas movies to set the mood.

Saturday Lisa, Char, and I drove down to Soldotna to pick up some Christmas goods from their storage unit and to hear Char's cousin give his homecoming talk. He just got back from Mongolia. We had an amazing road trip. It is soooo beautiful in Alaska. There really is no prettier place...if you love snow.

Char's family was so fun. We played Apples to Apples and Boggle. I lost at both but had a fantastic time playing; I am sure there is a calorie burn chart for laughter on the Apples to Apples box.

Going to a family ward was nice. Louder than our YSA ward but;I got to hold some babies. =0) Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to hold and love on babies. They are so darn cute, and there is nothing better than those little smiles and laughs, oh it just warms my heart. There building was identical to my home ward building that made me a little weepy, awe Conway II Ward I love y'all! and can't wait to see you soon.

Well got to run for now.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving was so great! There were several of us who were away from home we got together at Cole's place. We played some games, cooked, and had lots of fun. At least I did.

Left to right is Cole, Cristi (my roomate), Mark, Charlotte, Lisa, and me in the front. I wanted us all to have a taste of home; and knowing if were at each other homes then our families would be telling stories on us...I called everyones parents and got some stories on everyone and got their parents to write a little note. I really enjoyed it and hoped everyone else did too. I learned a lot about everyone.

I was very impressed Mark cooked some yam casserole that was yam good, and Cole made our rolls that were delightful! Charlotte, Lisa, and I spend a lot of time together having some crazy dressing up for Haloween, practical joke wars ,{serand wrapping vehicles, balloons in cars, scavenger hunts for presents} and sleepovers. ...anyway we did the shopping and the sides dishes. We all helped prep and cook the turkey that was fun. Mark was gonna do the turkey but overslept by 4 hours. He is a riot!

I am not gonna lie...I missed home like crazy; but being in a homey place with good friends made it really nice. A close second to being at home with family. I have so many things to be Thankful for. First is the knowledge that I have of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ which makes every aspect of my life deeper and sweeter. The scriptures especially the Book of Mormon. My family they are the best especially my nephews and nieces. Hope, hope for my students lives to be improved, hope for someone to love and share a life with, hope to be able to experience the miracle of life, hope for greater happiness and joy....Hope is a needful thing (President Uchtdorf) Good friends another great blessings in my life. Our country a free nation with so many opportunities, a good education, a job/career ( a got a nice carear on me) =0) The Earth and all its beauties...Alaska has its fair share of earthly beauties. That I can walk, see, hear, taste, especially touch..uplifting music, Christmas, Fourth of July, ice cream, chocolate, babies smiles and laughs, grandparents, farms, four wheelers, cousins, camping, road trips, books..being able to read and learn, good movies, sunshine, moon, stars, trampolines, Arkansas, Razorbacks ....this is just a short list.

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No I am not Dead ....yet

Wanted everyone to know I am alive and well. I have some pictures to add from Halloween.

So I have not blogged in a bit. I have been busy with friends and life.

Driving in the frozen tundra is so funny...when it snows and people start driving on the snow they create their own lanes and when the snow and ice chip away you realize how far off you are from the actual lanes. Parking is about the same you just guess where the lines are and hope for the best.

Institute is going great. We had a harvest hoedown and it was so much fun. We had dance instruction had some Frito Chili Pie and Apple Pie yummy! I made the Chili and was nervous about it... they ate it all 3 crock pots full so I guess it was at least edible. I used moms recipe but nothing ever taste quite like moms. (by the way I have the best mom in the world,universe, galaxy, cosmos it is true!)

Having a temple in Anchorage is so nice. After stake conference, where they dedicated a new Stake Center which is gorgeous and having the temple president tells us that the temple is not being used enough; I decided to commit to going once a week. Last week my roommate Cristi, and new BFF Charlotte, and I ( her roommate Lisa is not endowed {yet} or she would have been with us...I spend A LOT of time at their place Char and Lisa are amazing) did initiatories. It was sooo nice! Tomorrow we are going to do an endowment session and I can't wait.

School is going pretty well. I have not had any objects thrown at me in at least a week. Still working on using respectful appropriate language when we are upset though. For awhile I thought my name had been changed.

Well I will write more later.. Just thought I'd let you know I am alive and well. One last thought on one of my favorite things SNOW. The snow is so beautiful. It sparkles in the light. It is so cold now that even the air around the tree limbs is frozen and everything looks like a winter wonderland. The sun is coming over the mountains and into my classroom around 10:30 am and setting around 4:00pm. It is weird coming to school in the dark and leaving in the dark.