Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Denali National Park

Denali National Park with friends who won the lottery to drive their own cars thru the park. Here is some bears on a video. It was so beautiful!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Apartment

So somewhere on some card I have the pictures of the living room and bathroom but this is my bedroom. Mostly for momma. here you go. ..ps the bed riser deals work really well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New McKinney Baby

Keely Ann McKinney was born on the 10th she weighed 8 lbs 6oz. Her poor momma's epideral went the wrong way so it was a numb from the top to the middle birth..lovely I can only imagine...Keely is here and I am so excited that she is healthy and well and that she is a girl AND that her name starts with a K like mine. KKKKKKK aren't they the best letter ever. So strong and tall but balanced with the legs..symetrical so naturally beautiful. She shares is with her older brother Kade and Amanda's middle name is Kristina I think??

I am way excited about General Conference and have had some great times in the last few weeks riding bikes coming into contact with Moose..facebook photo album says it all. Moving into the 4th Apartment since being here but by far the best as far as lay out and size. My roomate Laney is amazing she can sing like nobody's business.

Seminary is going. I hope I am making some inroads. We are reviewing the Quorum of the 12 Apostles now since conference is on the way one apostle a day. We are in the middle of the bookof first Nephi it and Alma are probably my fav. books in the Book of Mormon. The only thing I would change about seminary is the TIME oh my 5 am is ever so early. I still have to find where to put exercise. I kind of miss it..shhh don't tell.

The fall colors are here and so that means beauty and the loss of sunshine. I am so much better prepared this go 'round with some VIT. D baby. It is stuningly gorgeous here now. I need to get out and take some nice pictures.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eldon Birthday!

Eldon with a bear on the alcan. horseshoe falls in Valdez
Pier 33 in san fran. st. show in seattle

Volleyball at christmas Eldon giving it his all!

Mamoth Lakes area, CA

Grand canyon

Ben's baptism

ok wind turbines
Eldon and Mr. Segall in Valdez ALASKA

Valdez whale cruise..amazing

16th birthday with the nephew's and Quincy...i'll never forget the morning Q left for his mission and eldon crying. he'll never be my brother again.

San Antonio spring break 07

eldon and baby coley bob

Eldon was born on my bff bday Larissa McDonald. I will send her bday wishes later.
I was 10 when Eldon was born and had such a great time being his lil momma. I loved to dress him up as a girl. He was and adorable baby and still is.

So Eldon had his big 18th Birthday yesterday. He is such an amazing guy I thought I'd put together a little birthday blog for him!! Eldon you are a tough kid always working so hard at whatever it is you are doing. You set an example to me sometimes with your dedication to the gospel and your gospel study. You would leave now for a mission and stay out 3 years if they would let you. YOU love the Lord and that is more attractive than any other quality or hair you could ever have or loose. =0)
Eldon you are HILARIOUS! Last year when we drove up to Alaska together we had a great time. You are always cracking me up! So he made a few wrong turns that took us a couple hours to make up. He was so good to unload all my junk everynight so we could put down the bed for mom and dad to sleep in. Watching Eldon meet Mr. Stephen Segall was hysterical he was shell shocked he kept saying ,"I just met Steven Segal". (i know i used two dif. spellings idk how to really spell it) My life would be a lot less fun without Eldon to make me laugh!! and scream he toatlly picked me up threw me over his shoulder and ran around with me until he dumped me on the couch when i was home over the summer. big tough man thought i was gonna die and kill his back in the process but it was great to feel like a little kid again.
He is such a good uncle too always playing and "spanking" the nephews and nieces. He is so cute when he is snuggling with the kids and tickleing them. Emily Rae told me she loves him the best but he needs to learn that only her daddy can spank her.
I love you "Arnie" (quincy's 3 boy couldn't say Eldon so he said arnie for awhile and then it was two or three others until he could say Eldon) wish I was there for the big day. I love you, you big sweetie!!! I mean you big tough guy.