Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodbye sunshine and fall

Alaska has surprised me this year. Last year we had snow on the ground and temps in the 30's during the day in October. This year I have seen snow flakes once for about 2 minutes on the way to seminary two days ago. I loved it got me thinking about Christmas and home and babies and we all know how I feel about babies....I digress anyway this year NO snow and temps in the upper 40's so we had a "fall" it was gorgeous! It is officially freezing outside during the days now and 15 at night.

Sunrise 9:21

Sunset: 6:06

Total sunshine: 8 hrs and some minutes ..math not my strong suit.

This year in addition to taking some vit. D I try to take a walk outside during lunch to catch some of the sun. NO view of the Mountains this year from my room but I like my classroom.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Baby pictures yeah!!!

Jack with Paw paw. I hear he is such a little cutie Jared look alike. I can't wait to kiss those cheeks in less than two months!

Janeen had a work event in Orlando and was able to score dinner with Justin and Amanda and the new Keely McKinney. I also can't wait to kiss this little girl.

Amanda looks super huh? XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOOX baby love Aunt Katie


So we changed the middle school schedule around. We combined our 8th grade class and split up the 7th grade one we celebrated with a party. The students I work with are hard to motivate so I came up with the pod race. Each class has a crab and it races to the top. Good behavior (collectively) makes the crab go up negative behaviors make the crab go down. This helps them to identify the negative behaviors and self correct all I do is move the crab. For individual success if they make a hundred on their point sheets--a document with their IEP goals and then school skills. IF they individually get a 100% on their school skills and IEP goals they put their name in for a drawing we do on Fridays so even if the class looses crab ground they can be successful individually. Never mind my crazy hair we had just taken a wagon wheel picture with all our heads together. Their faces are covered so I could put this picture up =-)

This morning in seminary. We ended second nephi. I had the students write a farewell letter to their families and a few of them shared what they wrote and it was powerful. I hope they realize how many people care about them! I know I still feel my parents love and I am a grown woman living thousands of miles away. It was nice to have something I planned for seminary work out the way I wanted it to.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cole's request

Yesterday I was talking to Jared and his group..Emily has lost some bottom teeth. Luke is talking like crazy and Cole asked me to send him a fourwheeler. He knows I send him things and I guess to a 3yr old a four wheeler is a modest request. I will try to send him a mini one but if anyone wants to contribute for a big one let me know and I can make a 3yr old a pretty happy little guy. It is one of my favorite things to do with my nephews and was one of my favorite things to do with my Uncle Delwin. He got all us "Sherwood" grandkids hooked on riding and loving it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Canadians

So my 7th grade world geography students were studying Canada right when it was Canada's Thanksgiving. Since they are in a colder region they celebrate early because their growing season is shorter than ours. It was a great excuse to do a Thanksgiving type meal. I did substitute a rotisserie chicken for a turkey but we had mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, cookies, and of course pumpkin pie with whipped cream and had Canada Dry ginger ale and juice for our sparkling punch. The boys all helped design and set the table. They mashed the potatoes I cooked in the microwave, opened the cans of green beans, and rolled out the cookies into balls...never ask 7th grade boys to make balls... never good conversation after that. All in all it was excellent. They all stayed out of trouble today so they could attend and I had them for almost an hour and a half and kept them all...success is MINE!

I think the bottom picture is obscure enough of my students face to post. We played put the hat on the Turkey. Yippee. As soon as I let him go he fell down I felt bad =0( no permanent damage done.

PS During all the feasting our school secretary announced there is a moose on the playground area please keep all students inside until it is gone. Not an announcement you hear too often. of course we all opened our doors to take a peek. Young moose no rack ,yet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

wonderful weather

Last year the first snow hit the first weekend in October and man have we had some amazing weather lately. Highs in the low 50's or high 40's the leaves that are left are gorgeous colors. I had a great time Saturday taking some pictures and playing in the leaves. I will add some here later. I heard that the lower 48 got snow dumped on them and had to smile a little and bask in every day without snow. I love the snow but know I will get plenty soon enough. YAY! for fall days.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Best companion ever

Sometimes I feel "companionless" and my heart aches..and then I read from the Book of Mormon and instantly I realize I have been given a wonderful companion that will never abandon, lead astray, take my money and run, use or abuse plus I don't have to wait for it to call or decode it's motives.

I am so grateful for a companion who never complains or laughs at or argues with me but who always reassures me I am good and deserving. One who reminds me who I really am..a daughter of God with divine capabilities for good. It is the always there and always reassuring. Most importantly it points me to place my trust, faith, and hope in Christ who is the best companion you could ever have. It does have a few draw backs although it's pages sometimes catch my tears it is not so good at hugging; yet sometimes when I read, I do feel as if I am enveloped and it does reassure me that I can be eternally encircled in the arms of Jesus which is pretty close to a hug. right? It has yet to pay for a date but It is always there when I need it and that is more than I could ask for.

I know this book was translated by the power of God. People have to explain this marvelous book somehow and if they would just read they would know there is no explaining it away; it is from GOD. Another testament of Christ that He lives and that He will restore the House of Israel and His covenant to His chosen people. How He loves me and this love sustains me through shadow and sunshine

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General Conference

Saturday Morning

Pres Monson announced 5 new temples * Brigham City Utah Chile, Frotalaze Brazil, Ft. Lauderdale Fl, and Japan. He said that 83% of membership lives within 200 miles of a temple. How amazing!!He asked us to pray for him and for the opening of areas to the gospel and to befriend the new converts.

Elder Scott -- Spoke about recieving revealation. He gave us his pattern for recieving knowledge ..first had some feeling then 2. wrote them down 3 pondered and wondered about their meaning 4. thanked Heavenly Father for the inspiration and then 5. asked if there was more he was supposed to learn and often there would be.

* The Lord will not force you to learn. --this my fav quote from his talk.

Sister Matsumori-- She also spoke about he Holy Ghost and how to be guided in our lives.

* Provide a still and quite time daily to provide the Holy Ghost a time to give us peace or instruction.

Elder Clayton- * Burdens become blessings. And Submit to all the will of the Lord.

President Osguthorpe--* goal of gospel teaching is not to pour knowledge but inspire students to think about, feel and LIVE the gospel. And ** Learning and teaching are not optional on the pathway to personal growth and testimony. He quoted Bednar's pattern 1. teach a key doctrine 2. invite them to live it 3. promise the blessings that will come.

Elder Bednar-- was one of my FAVORITE talks from word go!! He spoke about how we need to be-MORE DILIGENT AND CONCERNED AT HOME-- in three ways 1. Express love and back it up with action 2. bare your testimony 3. be consistent (then close the gap of hypocracy)
* Gradually we can decrease the disparagy between what we say and do by learning, living, and loving the restored gospel.

President Uchtdorf- spoke of love and how it is at the center of what we do in the church. * What we love we seek, think, and do. And we are God's spiritual children with a vast capability to love. Keep on trying until the difficult becomes possible and the possible becomes apart of you.


Elder Oaks--talked about love and law and how we have obligation to both. * Love does not supercede divine commandments. Real love does not support self destructive behaviors.

Elder Hales--spoke about the true nature of God that he has a face, feelings, and body parts. *THe light of belief is within you waiting to be intensified.-- more to come

Monday, October 5, 2009

Seminary and the Smashing

So my seminary kids have not been very participatory and just lacking a general respect for the subject matter. As I watched conference and took a nap an idea entered my mind and I knew it was from the Lord. I followed the idea and was amazed at the immediate response in some of my students.

The idea was to take a picture of Christ and smash the glass and then tear up the picture and tell them that I loved them and the Savior loved them but we each have to bring a piece to seminary and that I can only bring my piece.

I held up the picture and asked who is this. What does He expect from us. I told them after conference I knew I had to be a better teacher because He expects me too and that they are so important to the Lord and His gospel spreading. I told them that I would strive to be a better teacher. I said when they come and listen to music through the lesson or put on our makeup we smash up the Savior and tell Him we don't care or it is not important but; I testified that, He is. Then I took out the picture of Christ and said I can only bring my piece and torn off a corner then I went to each student and tore off a piece and said I need you ____(Katie) to bring your piece and handed it to them, I went around the room until they all had a small piece of the Savior. Two girls were crying and the boys seemed at least uncomfortable so I hope that was the Holy Ghost inviting them to change.

One girl after sitting for a few minutes and listening to a few quotes from conference got up and got the scriptures for the boys and her scriptures and even marked them . One of the boys entire attitude was completely changed. The other two participated more than usual. I hope that they remember what they felt and the change is permanent. Truth makes us change! _-Paker

We covered 2 nephi 10 about how America is a promised, choice, consecrated, land of liberty and then had them share their feelings about America and our freedoms. I was impressed with most of their comments. These are military kids and they have been a few places. One kid's mom came from Jamacia 26 years ago and now he is able to get an education. It was a moving day in seminary for all of us.