Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Wonderland

So we have had so much snow it is everywhere and I love it. It has a special way of putting everyone in the Christmas Spirit. Yesterday we had some ice fog and it made all the trees and anything outside crusted in white ice and it truly looked like a winter wonderland. Gorgeous!!!
I have less than 48 hours before I fly home and can hardly contain myself and not sleeping much at night with excitement and fears of leaving behind my camera or some item.

Last night I went on such a fun date with a guy I have been wanting to go out with for awhile. We had a blast and I am sad he is moving to Idaho before I get back. =-) We went out for Asian food and he showed me how to make Pho' it was so yummy! Then he took me to the mall where we played at an arcade and won tons of tickets. I hit a bonus on one game and scored 500 tickets. It was a great time! We cashed in our tickets and got lots of fun treasures. Then got ice cream and roamed around the mall. We went into the neatest photog shop all about the Aurora Borealis. The photographer was there and so kind. He's pics were amazing and I hope that I see the Auroras soon.

I am missing Pandora. I have not Internet at home and def. missing my stations esp Chris LeDeoux something about his voice is raw and a few of his songs always make me cry.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Story

A month or so ago a friend shared a story about his life in Africa with us. He told us how when he was little his country was in a civil war and that he fled to South Africa seeking assylum and left there and went to another country but was starving on the rations he was given. Finally he was granted a visa to come to the USA to Alaska. He told how scared he was when he was interievewed to come and that he was sure they wanted to kill him. Several times he wanted to just die and give up. He told how he has 12 brothers and sisters and doesn't not where they are or if they are alive. It was heart breaking and so humbling to have so much here in the states and not to know war the way other people know it.

Yesterday he told a few more details of this story how his one brother was shot in front of his family and his mom was abused by the guerilla's. He recounted coming here and longing to hear his mothers voice just one more time. We were all crying our eyes out. He talked about crying out to God to answer his prayer for his family and that all he wanted was to hear his momma's voice one more time. He said he was speaking to a friend who escaped Africa too who was in Idaho and that his friend had spoken to someone in Africa who had seen his momma. He told his friend to give him his number so he could try to find her. He did call the friends's friend and he said your mom is alive give me two days to find her and track her down and we will call you. He said for those two days he was so worried he wouldn't find her. But he called him and my friend was able to speak to his momma and hear her voice. How happy he was he said he felt fat talking to her. I thought that was a great ananolgy to the feelings you feel that you think will make you explode you are so happy. So full. I was having a hard time containing my emotions during his story.

I am so blessed in so many ways. I was grateful for him for sharing this story. You could not be in that room and not have been humbled and touched. It made me long to be home for Christmas even more and blessed that I can do this. I love my family emensley and can not imagine not knowing where they are or how they are.

I hope we are taking the time to look beyond the hub bub of the holidays to what really matters!!

On a lighter note. Friday night Eagle River had their tree lighting ceremony and my friend's daughter sang with her Elementary choir so I went and there we went on a Sleigh Ride, played with some Reigndeer, and then got sushi. Yummo!

We had a sleepover Saturday after I took those girls shopping and we watched 3 of the Home Alones. I talked to mom and she said they watched them to with the grandkids. She told me Jacob my downs nephew who is 5 was laughing so loud and long and that he kept acting out the aftershave part of the show. SO cute. I can't wait to see him. Friday is my flight home. YAY!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thanksgiving fun

I just wanted to write a short list of things I am Thankful for

~ My Heavenly Father and all that He has given me --my health and that it is not worse ha!

~Momma and Daddy

~My immediate family esp all the nephews and nieces they add so much to my life.. Jacob he has such a way of making me smile. ..but I love them all equally.

~My garganchewan extended family Mandy, Tana, Val, Sarah, Tyler, Jeremy, John John, all the rest too but these have been there for me in many ways many times

~Friends good ones that know me and keep tabs on me

~ Snow I find it so magical

~ Sunshine

~ Music esp that of my dad and siblings around a fire..yay

~ Food I love it all the flavors textures colors* cooking is like art for my soul

~Pictures and memories

Many more but these are at the top

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I might be getting a new member of the family..details are not pinned down yet but..if things go as planned I will be going to Idaho over Christmas break driving with all my siblings and fun. I am so excited. I am hoping we can lay over in Salt Lake one evening and see some mission friends, cousins, and temple square all light up.

It has been cold -5 for highs. Brrrrr. the inside of my car has ice in it from my breath. The moisture around the trees freeze and the look white. It is gorgeous.

Sunrise 9 17 am sunset 4 12 pm.

Crazy day at school today. I had a student get pretty physical in my room. Knocked down my wooden dream sign and took the flags out of it and was hitting it on the chalk tray trying to break it...they didn't break strong little dowels...then kicked my wooden box that holds the markers and destroyed that and threw the recycling bin. It always gets the adrenaline going when stuff like that happens and you feel bad but there is only so many options you can give before you ask them to leave your room.

Did anyone know Venezualeans have a rodeo event where they pull cows down by their tails from their horses. Weirdest thing I have heard so far. It looks hilarious watching someone do it.
THey put their leg over the saddle horn and try to pull it down.

Monday, November 9, 2009

winter has arrived

a little bit of snow oh yay!

this weekend I went to a free day at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. It was amazing. they were hosing the Lakota Sioux dance theatre it was incredible. I took my good friend and colleague's girls with me. We had a great time. 

It had snowed a little bit in Eagle River but Sunday evening the skies let loose and we got some substantial snow. Everything is so beautiful today. I need to get the snow tires put on my tiny car to keep us from sliding all over. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

peeling a pumpkin makes me feel proud and mormon!

So for my 8th grade US history we are having a "colonial" day. I cooked and peeled a pumpkin--for a colonial recipe of pumpkin soup. Shelled black walnuts to make ink. Now I am off to buy some feathers to make some quills to write with. I feel like a mormon woman today. knowing what to do with a pumpkin just has to be a qualifier for mormon womanhood right? =-) We are know for our resourcefulness. I am sure if my mom or grandmother were here they would have thought I threw too much away and found a good use for the rhines. that old addage use it up make it do or do without thing... It was super easy I must say and ( I am kinda proud of myself for not just opening a can) now to see how the soup actually turns out.

We are also going to make red ink from berries and have johnny cakes with butter they are going to shake. I hope it will leave a lasting impression and give a glimpse into the life of the colonists.

Still no snow. I love it and find it really magical even still and am beginning to wander if it is ever going to come. All is well though.

For those of you who have not listened to Pres Uchtdorfs ces talk from Sunday you should. It was amazing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodbye sunshine and fall

Alaska has surprised me this year. Last year we had snow on the ground and temps in the 30's during the day in October. This year I have seen snow flakes once for about 2 minutes on the way to seminary two days ago. I loved it got me thinking about Christmas and home and babies and we all know how I feel about babies....I digress anyway this year NO snow and temps in the upper 40's so we had a "fall" it was gorgeous! It is officially freezing outside during the days now and 15 at night.

Sunrise 9:21

Sunset: 6:06

Total sunshine: 8 hrs and some minutes ..math not my strong suit.

This year in addition to taking some vit. D I try to take a walk outside during lunch to catch some of the sun. NO view of the Mountains this year from my room but I like my classroom.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Baby pictures yeah!!!

Jack with Paw paw. I hear he is such a little cutie Jared look alike. I can't wait to kiss those cheeks in less than two months!

Janeen had a work event in Orlando and was able to score dinner with Justin and Amanda and the new Keely McKinney. I also can't wait to kiss this little girl.

Amanda looks super huh? XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOOX baby love Aunt Katie


So we changed the middle school schedule around. We combined our 8th grade class and split up the 7th grade one we celebrated with a party. The students I work with are hard to motivate so I came up with the pod race. Each class has a crab and it races to the top. Good behavior (collectively) makes the crab go up negative behaviors make the crab go down. This helps them to identify the negative behaviors and self correct all I do is move the crab. For individual success if they make a hundred on their point sheets--a document with their IEP goals and then school skills. IF they individually get a 100% on their school skills and IEP goals they put their name in for a drawing we do on Fridays so even if the class looses crab ground they can be successful individually. Never mind my crazy hair we had just taken a wagon wheel picture with all our heads together. Their faces are covered so I could put this picture up =-)

This morning in seminary. We ended second nephi. I had the students write a farewell letter to their families and a few of them shared what they wrote and it was powerful. I hope they realize how many people care about them! I know I still feel my parents love and I am a grown woman living thousands of miles away. It was nice to have something I planned for seminary work out the way I wanted it to.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cole's request

Yesterday I was talking to Jared and his group..Emily has lost some bottom teeth. Luke is talking like crazy and Cole asked me to send him a fourwheeler. He knows I send him things and I guess to a 3yr old a four wheeler is a modest request. I will try to send him a mini one but if anyone wants to contribute for a big one let me know and I can make a 3yr old a pretty happy little guy. It is one of my favorite things to do with my nephews and was one of my favorite things to do with my Uncle Delwin. He got all us "Sherwood" grandkids hooked on riding and loving it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Canadians

So my 7th grade world geography students were studying Canada right when it was Canada's Thanksgiving. Since they are in a colder region they celebrate early because their growing season is shorter than ours. It was a great excuse to do a Thanksgiving type meal. I did substitute a rotisserie chicken for a turkey but we had mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, cookies, and of course pumpkin pie with whipped cream and had Canada Dry ginger ale and juice for our sparkling punch. The boys all helped design and set the table. They mashed the potatoes I cooked in the microwave, opened the cans of green beans, and rolled out the cookies into balls...never ask 7th grade boys to make balls... never good conversation after that. All in all it was excellent. They all stayed out of trouble today so they could attend and I had them for almost an hour and a half and kept them all...success is MINE!

I think the bottom picture is obscure enough of my students face to post. We played put the hat on the Turkey. Yippee. As soon as I let him go he fell down I felt bad =0( no permanent damage done.

PS During all the feasting our school secretary announced there is a moose on the playground area please keep all students inside until it is gone. Not an announcement you hear too often. of course we all opened our doors to take a peek. Young moose no rack ,yet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

wonderful weather

Last year the first snow hit the first weekend in October and man have we had some amazing weather lately. Highs in the low 50's or high 40's the leaves that are left are gorgeous colors. I had a great time Saturday taking some pictures and playing in the leaves. I will add some here later. I heard that the lower 48 got snow dumped on them and had to smile a little and bask in every day without snow. I love the snow but know I will get plenty soon enough. YAY! for fall days.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Best companion ever

Sometimes I feel "companionless" and my heart aches..and then I read from the Book of Mormon and instantly I realize I have been given a wonderful companion that will never abandon, lead astray, take my money and run, use or abuse plus I don't have to wait for it to call or decode it's motives.

I am so grateful for a companion who never complains or laughs at or argues with me but who always reassures me I am good and deserving. One who reminds me who I really am..a daughter of God with divine capabilities for good. It is the always there and always reassuring. Most importantly it points me to place my trust, faith, and hope in Christ who is the best companion you could ever have. It does have a few draw backs although it's pages sometimes catch my tears it is not so good at hugging; yet sometimes when I read, I do feel as if I am enveloped and it does reassure me that I can be eternally encircled in the arms of Jesus which is pretty close to a hug. right? It has yet to pay for a date but It is always there when I need it and that is more than I could ask for.

I know this book was translated by the power of God. People have to explain this marvelous book somehow and if they would just read they would know there is no explaining it away; it is from GOD. Another testament of Christ that He lives and that He will restore the House of Israel and His covenant to His chosen people. How He loves me and this love sustains me through shadow and sunshine

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General Conference

Saturday Morning

Pres Monson announced 5 new temples * Brigham City Utah Chile, Frotalaze Brazil, Ft. Lauderdale Fl, and Japan. He said that 83% of membership lives within 200 miles of a temple. How amazing!!He asked us to pray for him and for the opening of areas to the gospel and to befriend the new converts.

Elder Scott -- Spoke about recieving revealation. He gave us his pattern for recieving knowledge ..first had some feeling then 2. wrote them down 3 pondered and wondered about their meaning 4. thanked Heavenly Father for the inspiration and then 5. asked if there was more he was supposed to learn and often there would be.

* The Lord will not force you to learn. --this my fav quote from his talk.

Sister Matsumori-- She also spoke about he Holy Ghost and how to be guided in our lives.

* Provide a still and quite time daily to provide the Holy Ghost a time to give us peace or instruction.

Elder Clayton- * Burdens become blessings. And Submit to all the will of the Lord.

President Osguthorpe--* goal of gospel teaching is not to pour knowledge but inspire students to think about, feel and LIVE the gospel. And ** Learning and teaching are not optional on the pathway to personal growth and testimony. He quoted Bednar's pattern 1. teach a key doctrine 2. invite them to live it 3. promise the blessings that will come.

Elder Bednar-- was one of my FAVORITE talks from word go!! He spoke about how we need to be-MORE DILIGENT AND CONCERNED AT HOME-- in three ways 1. Express love and back it up with action 2. bare your testimony 3. be consistent (then close the gap of hypocracy)
* Gradually we can decrease the disparagy between what we say and do by learning, living, and loving the restored gospel.

President Uchtdorf- spoke of love and how it is at the center of what we do in the church. * What we love we seek, think, and do. And we are God's spiritual children with a vast capability to love. Keep on trying until the difficult becomes possible and the possible becomes apart of you.


Elder Oaks--talked about love and law and how we have obligation to both. * Love does not supercede divine commandments. Real love does not support self destructive behaviors.

Elder Hales--spoke about the true nature of God that he has a face, feelings, and body parts. *THe light of belief is within you waiting to be intensified.-- more to come

Monday, October 5, 2009

Seminary and the Smashing

So my seminary kids have not been very participatory and just lacking a general respect for the subject matter. As I watched conference and took a nap an idea entered my mind and I knew it was from the Lord. I followed the idea and was amazed at the immediate response in some of my students.

The idea was to take a picture of Christ and smash the glass and then tear up the picture and tell them that I loved them and the Savior loved them but we each have to bring a piece to seminary and that I can only bring my piece.

I held up the picture and asked who is this. What does He expect from us. I told them after conference I knew I had to be a better teacher because He expects me too and that they are so important to the Lord and His gospel spreading. I told them that I would strive to be a better teacher. I said when they come and listen to music through the lesson or put on our makeup we smash up the Savior and tell Him we don't care or it is not important but; I testified that, He is. Then I took out the picture of Christ and said I can only bring my piece and torn off a corner then I went to each student and tore off a piece and said I need you ____(Katie) to bring your piece and handed it to them, I went around the room until they all had a small piece of the Savior. Two girls were crying and the boys seemed at least uncomfortable so I hope that was the Holy Ghost inviting them to change.

One girl after sitting for a few minutes and listening to a few quotes from conference got up and got the scriptures for the boys and her scriptures and even marked them . One of the boys entire attitude was completely changed. The other two participated more than usual. I hope that they remember what they felt and the change is permanent. Truth makes us change! _-Paker

We covered 2 nephi 10 about how America is a promised, choice, consecrated, land of liberty and then had them share their feelings about America and our freedoms. I was impressed with most of their comments. These are military kids and they have been a few places. One kid's mom came from Jamacia 26 years ago and now he is able to get an education. It was a moving day in seminary for all of us.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Denali National Park

Denali National Park with friends who won the lottery to drive their own cars thru the park. Here is some bears on a video. It was so beautiful!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Apartment

So somewhere on some card I have the pictures of the living room and bathroom but this is my bedroom. Mostly for momma. here you go. the bed riser deals work really well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New McKinney Baby

Keely Ann McKinney was born on the 10th she weighed 8 lbs 6oz. Her poor momma's epideral went the wrong way so it was a numb from the top to the middle birth..lovely I can only imagine...Keely is here and I am so excited that she is healthy and well and that she is a girl AND that her name starts with a K like mine. KKKKKKK aren't they the best letter ever. So strong and tall but balanced with the legs..symetrical so naturally beautiful. She shares is with her older brother Kade and Amanda's middle name is Kristina I think??

I am way excited about General Conference and have had some great times in the last few weeks riding bikes coming into contact with Moose..facebook photo album says it all. Moving into the 4th Apartment since being here but by far the best as far as lay out and size. My roomate Laney is amazing she can sing like nobody's business.

Seminary is going. I hope I am making some inroads. We are reviewing the Quorum of the 12 Apostles now since conference is on the way one apostle a day. We are in the middle of the bookof first Nephi it and Alma are probably my fav. books in the Book of Mormon. The only thing I would change about seminary is the TIME oh my 5 am is ever so early. I still have to find where to put exercise. I kind of miss it..shhh don't tell.

The fall colors are here and so that means beauty and the loss of sunshine. I am so much better prepared this go 'round with some VIT. D baby. It is stuningly gorgeous here now. I need to get out and take some nice pictures.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eldon Birthday!

Eldon with a bear on the alcan. horseshoe falls in Valdez
Pier 33 in san fran. st. show in seattle

Volleyball at christmas Eldon giving it his all!

Mamoth Lakes area, CA

Grand canyon

Ben's baptism

ok wind turbines
Eldon and Mr. Segall in Valdez ALASKA

Valdez whale cruise..amazing

16th birthday with the nephew's and Quincy...i'll never forget the morning Q left for his mission and eldon crying. he'll never be my brother again.

San Antonio spring break 07

eldon and baby coley bob

Eldon was born on my bff bday Larissa McDonald. I will send her bday wishes later.
I was 10 when Eldon was born and had such a great time being his lil momma. I loved to dress him up as a girl. He was and adorable baby and still is.

So Eldon had his big 18th Birthday yesterday. He is such an amazing guy I thought I'd put together a little birthday blog for him!! Eldon you are a tough kid always working so hard at whatever it is you are doing. You set an example to me sometimes with your dedication to the gospel and your gospel study. You would leave now for a mission and stay out 3 years if they would let you. YOU love the Lord and that is more attractive than any other quality or hair you could ever have or loose. =0)
Eldon you are HILARIOUS! Last year when we drove up to Alaska together we had a great time. You are always cracking me up! So he made a few wrong turns that took us a couple hours to make up. He was so good to unload all my junk everynight so we could put down the bed for mom and dad to sleep in. Watching Eldon meet Mr. Stephen Segall was hysterical he was shell shocked he kept saying ,"I just met Steven Segal". (i know i used two dif. spellings idk how to really spell it) My life would be a lot less fun without Eldon to make me laugh!! and scream he toatlly picked me up threw me over his shoulder and ran around with me until he dumped me on the couch when i was home over the summer. big tough man thought i was gonna die and kill his back in the process but it was great to feel like a little kid again.
He is such a good uncle too always playing and "spanking" the nephews and nieces. He is so cute when he is snuggling with the kids and tickleing them. Emily Rae told me she loves him the best but he needs to learn that only her daddy can spank her.
I love you "Arnie" (quincy's 3 boy couldn't say Eldon so he said arnie for awhile and then it was two or three others until he could say Eldon) wish I was there for the big day. I love you, you big sweetie!!! I mean you big tough guy.

Monday, August 31, 2009

great weekend - weird monday

So this weekend was spent helping Kay my colleague move into her first Alaskan house. I am staying with her until my apartment is ready for me. She is an amazing momma; so patient. They have two adorable girls 8 and 2 the youngest one calls popcorn cockcorn. I about fell out laughing the first time I heard her say that. I took two breaks from the move to help. 1 for a baptism and another one for church.

The Spirit is always so powerful at baptisms. I was asked to speak and I spoke on Christ's love for us. I used my favorite scripture in Isaiah. Can a mother forget her sucking child? ..She may forget but I will not forget thee I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands. I love the imagery in that verse. His love for me motivates me to do and become a better person. I am so happy for Mary and her decision to follow Christ's footsteps to be baptized so she can "enter the kingdom of God." John 3: 5

Sunday we got a new Bishop. (the priesthood leadership of our congregation they usually serve 5 years. Not one cents pay) Our old Bishop and his wife were so kind and loving to all of us. You could just tell that he loved you by the way he shook your hand and looked into your eyes. So kind. I will miss Bishop Kent Jackson. Normally the Bishop is still in your congregation but in a singles ward not so much plus our Bishop is moving to Idaho.

Our new Bishop was a couselor to our old one and he was a Stake President here before. He has a totally different leadership style and I am excited to learn from this gospel scholar. The change is always bitter sweet..this one was no different.

Monday my homeroom is 2 students. 1 was absent for home room and then I have them for 2 period and the other one decided to go truant..leave school grounds. So I had an extra prep period. I also have them for a 30 min social emotional class and they were not there either. My 4th period class did not feel like working so they spent the class period with their heads down. My 3rd period class was one student. Who know's what 5th period will bring. 1st period was normal 7 students. Harriet Tubman and Underground Railroad was the lesson.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seminary Room

New glasses..don't know how to rotate these pictures..any bloggers that can help let me know.


Seminary is going ok. I love the Book of Mormon and am so excited to share that love with the youth here. They are trying to be good kids
All my expectations 1 focus on seminary 2 Invite the Holy Ghost to be the true teacher.
- If I am focused on seminary & love the Lord then I will make sure my phone is off
_ then I will hold my talking until sem. is over
You get the idea.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hodge podge

A few gripes. 1) Public bathrooms a) stall doors..why do they always swing in instead of out? I am a big girl and can barely get in and then have room to swing the door out. I mean I virtually have to stand on the toilet and then shut the door. b) no hooks for coats or purses or diaper bags..really? women don't have anything to carry! give me a break. esp here in AK I mean we have coats, hats, scarves I don't like to pee on my outer wear kinda gets frozen when I go outside.
On a positive note I did find a bathroom on the way to AZ this summer that had a toddler seat made by the diaper changing table people inside the stall on the wall. Simply buckle in your little person and then you have free hands and don't wonder where are they crawling? I thought that was a genius idea; not having kids myself I never thought about what to do when you got to go with an infant in your arms..put them on the floor NO ...leave them in the buggy..I think a one handed job.. buttons are hard one handed. I was in MANY MANY bathrooms this summer and only saw 1 of these. Geeze people consult a female when you are building a building we will help you with the bathroom!

Kay Papakristo is my dear friend here at my nameless school. She is moving and has offered for me to stay at their new place. How sweet is that. We went and got Sushi Tuesday night and once over the weekend. I LOVE IT.!! We had a roll that was tempuraed and it was yummy and one with melted cheese on top with salmon. MMMM I went and took her girls to the park while she packed. They are 8 and 2. It was just what I needed some time outside enjoying this last few weeks without snow. Plus having little fingers wrap around mine and say pwease swing me 'gin is soo nice to hear. I love to push them and hear their little laughs; OH it does so much for my soul!

A good friend is getting baptized this weekend and I am so excited for her. She was worried that she just wanted to be a "Mormon woman" and make homemade bread, sew, quilt, scrapbook, can you own food and all the other neato stuff Mormon women are known for. She found that the Book of Mormon is a record of the people here on the American continent whom Christ visited after His Resurrection. She knows now that they are sheep of His "other fold" that He said he would visit and that it was translated by a prophet of God-Joseph Smith. I am happy that she has found what has brought me much JOY.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So I finally felt my first earthquake today teaching. I was introducing myself and it sounded like the wind was blowing the ceiling really a trailer in a thunderstorm. The kids asked what was that I said just the wind but my new Teachers Assistant said no that was a earthquake. I can't say I felt it in my feet or body but I definitely heard it and that my friends is counting in my book..a 5.0.

No one threw anything at me or had any major incidents so I am calling it a good first day. My TA got in there like a pro and was super. She is older and has 3 kids so she knows how to get in and help. My schedule is homeroom-- I am doing an Idiom of the day to get us started and will move into social studies/history info. 1st period is 6th grade SS reconstruction to present, 2nd period is 8th grade SS Colonial days to Present 3rd period is 6th grade SS again, 4th 8th grade SS, 30 min lunch then 30 minutes of WHY TRY a social emotional program then 5th period is 7th grade world geography, 6th period is my prep period. I like my schedule and hope to build some strong relationships with my homeroom kids. They are 8th graders and don't know me at all. They barely tolerated me in HR and 3rd period then back at Why Try they both students ended up in the practice hall. Tomorrow is a new day though.

Got to go pack my clothes and remaining items and store them until the evicted tenants move out of mine and Laney's new place. So I will get to move my stuff twice JOY! I guess I shouldn't complain my summer rent was cheap! and the new rent will be cheap too. I will be staying with a friends parents for a week or so. Thank you Jaspers!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ak state fair -classroom

I spent the entire day at school. The last few days so frustrating doing all these "trainings" that I've been through before..when all I really want to do is be in my classroom getting it ready to go. I think I have it almost there. A few minor things to get ready in the morning and then at 7:30 they show up.

The Alaska state fair is coming up in the next few weeks. David Archuletta is coming and a big group of us Young Single Adults are going. I am so excited. I have not been to a concert in awhile. And to see David I mean; YAY!! That was the year I made momma watch American Idol with me and she is now addicted and it is all my fault. When he sang" Imagine" I cried it was so powerful!

I am sooo excited to be teaching social studies. I have been to 40 states and canada on the west and east. I have been to Mexico twice and so it will be nice to add some personal stories into the mix. I hope I will be able to share my love of our country --despite our current president...which sentiments I can't share at school...although I found a fellow conservative on campus a rarity for sure!!! and she teaches language arts and ss and la go so well together. We are definitely going to be collaborating and intergrating our curriculums.

We actually had a social studies team meeting with all the teacher and we came up with some Middle School rules and expectations and I felt like I was doing exactly what I was made to do. Elementary school is for the truly angelic!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New School Year

So I thought before I start jabberin about how freakin excited I am for this new school year..I wanted to List Poem last years adventures

08 School Year
* Moose almost walking in the automatic doors
* Black bear in the playground
*asking where is the bathroom, my class room, um..the library
*no math curriculum 'til Christmas
*getting stabbed with a pencil, bit, hit by my own podium-- yes I am back for year two
*getting called Fat A## B*&^$ so often I got nicknamed FAB-ulous
* having my desk completely swiped clean by a student
* getting sweet notes from my students
*getting a letter at school from Gma and pa Sherwood--made my week--I wrote them first
* fighting with Ms. E
*Coach D health lessons oh my! adolescent boys
* calling a student my sister's name in exasperation
*field trip good times!
*field day
* feeling like a success because of my student's growth
*getting a mentor
* the sunshine coming out again and having class outside to soak it ALL up!
*daily hugs from my toddler like Fetal Alcohol Student so dang cute!!
*feeling lonely the last day after the kids were gone and wondering if it always feel like that
*seeing the excited on the face of a student when we met on the coastal trail

So I am really excited for school to start and meet the 8th graders. Social Studies is going to be so much better than Elementary. All the content areas and trying to intermingling all the subjects was quite a chore. God bless elementary school teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!

My classroom is coming together and I have found some cool techno voicethread and; flippin sweet the library of Congress!! Gonna be amazing! Someone gave me some free demo Putaymo CD's the world music ones. Got some cool stuff from my summer travels to make a bulletin board out of . I have an entire wall that is magnetized and one entire wall of whiteboard and a bathroom in my class. A teacher gave me a mini fridge to use for the year. Now I need a couch in there to nap on in between school and my busy social evenings. Getting up at 5 am to be at the Church at 5:50 is gonna be an adjustment.

I am also going to be teaching early morning seminary. (LDS youth do 4 years of "seminary" 9-12th grade we rotate old testament, new testament, book of Mormon, and doctrine and covenants)This year is the Book of Mormon. I still have most of the scripture mastery scriptures memorized. I hope that all will go well there too! I have the sophomores. I love the Book of Mormon and how it clarifies so much of the Bible. It truly is another Testament of Christ..that He lived, and Lives now and has the power to heal us.

Just as a random thought for guys who clearly need some help with that whole thinking thing-- ..guys should always tell close "friends" they are getting married over the phone or some other direct method. Another tid bit for the fella's if you are dating multiple girls that is great but don't let them find out on Facebook you have committed to one of them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great Uncles and Aunts testimonies of gospel of Jesus Christ

I ran out to get my notebook and was soon feeling like I was going to die in that 8,000 ft elevation and missed Aunt Anita's remarks but asked a few of my aunts and they said she was really brief but here are her highlights and my uncles remarks. I will write them as if they are speaking but know that I am filling in a word or two here and there.

Aunt Anita Gwen
The most important thing to me are my family and my brothers and sisters here and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it is true.

Milton Ray
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is true. I am so grateful for the heritage we have in the church. Paul (his son) recently made it possible for me to go to the Sacred Grove, Pageant (Hill Cumorah Pageant) , the Book of Mormon press (Grandin Bld). I don't know how they made the sacrifices they did. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true; the older I get the more I appreciate the atonement of Jesus Christ. I am grateful to be here. I know the Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith as well as I know ANYTHING. I know Jesus is the Christ.
Families, Church, and to be an American..I don't know how to separate them. When I see people disrespect the flag it hurts me down to my bones. I am proud to be an American. I love my family and not just the ones I live with- you are All my family. I am so grateful for Jackie and Katie ( John and Barbra's daughter and granddaughter--me and mom) who made it possible for me to be here. I testify of the divinity of Christ I do so in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

John Delwin
My Brothers and Sisters I am grateful to be with you here today. I am grateful for Barbara and all she does- to bring 12 children into the world. She is a mother to 65 grandchildren and 65 great grandchildren we have. Several years ago why I said to her," They are gonna call me to be Stake Patriarch." She said, " well John how do you know that?" , I told her ," I just know." Friday night I got the telephone call Brother Sherwood Mark E. Petereson wants to visit with you and he did. I am grateful for opportunity of serving my Father in Heaven. I know God is my Eternal father in heaven that Jesus Christ is His only begotten son that they appeared to Joseph Smith on that Spring Day in April of 18and20. The Angel Moroni appeared and gave him the plates that would be translated into the Book of Mormon-it is TRUE. It testifies that the Bible is true and brings us closer to Father in Heaven than any other book -said the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet as well as the 12 we sustain as prophets seers and revelators. I know if we are obedient to teachings and example of the prophet and the teachings in the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and in the Old and New testament we will have joy and happiness and without it we won't have joy and happiness.

Many are called and few are frozen (after walking stiffly from his seat where he had been sitting for an hour and a few min. already) I mean chosen. I am happy to be here. I love each and everyone of you. I know this gospel is true it gives us the opportunity to find our way home..if we follow example of Savior. "For behold how long can rolling waters remain impure? What power shall stay the heavens? (he struggled to get this going from his memory but waited for a minute and said it might be slowing in coming but it must come, so cute) As well might man stretch forth his puny arm to stop the Missouri river in its decreed course, or to turn it up stream as to hinder the Almighty from pouring down knowledge from heaven upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints. Behold there are many called but few are chosen.
I am grateful for my mom and dad and brothers and sisters we are quite the gathering of the posterity of Dan and Sophronia Sherwood. I appreciate their great example to me and their teaching me the gospel. I would/could be ready to go on another mission in 10 minutes. Each one of you look forward to a mission. Spread the gospel message through the world. Which side we are on depends on us..then he proceeded to quote these verses pretty good for an 80 something?! Be ye doers of the word and not hearer only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a herere of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass For he beholdeth himself and goeth his way and straightway forgettheth what manner of man he was. But whoso looketh into the perect law of liberty, and continueth therein he being not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in deed. If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart this man's relgion is vain. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widow in their affliection, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
May the Lord bless each of us. I know Jesus Christ is the Son of a Living God. I know Joseph Smith restored the gospel to the world. I know this!

So grateful to belong to this people. I remember bailing hay-we used to have to do that on Sunday when we did we did Sunday on the next day. We are what we are because of our parents. We didn't have opportunity to go to primary or priesthood we were only taught by our parents. They took the honeymoon trail and were gone 6 weeks to go to the temple. Then he told a story that I missed the details of about how Dan met Sophronia and then they settled in St. Johns. 10 years ago we were called as temple workers. My good wife joined at 10 years old; she went to mutual one night and stayed with a non member friend. I decided to go visit with her and her friend. 67 years ago we got married on a 72 hour pass from the military then I left on a 2 year mission.
Greatest joy of all is working in the temple and to see you (my family) in the temple. It was so nice to have you stop by and say I am so and so's nephew or kid. My 2nd Friday home (after being released) tell Barbra if they need me I'll go back (to the temple).
So grateful for my wife who helped me do those things I needed to be about. Be of service in the church. I was called to serve as an Elder's Quorum President and I was not endowed the person extending the call said guess that is an opportunity for serving and growth. How fortunate we are to be called and to answer those calls. I am grateful for the 3 couples who served. We're proud of you. We now have 3 patriarchs in the family (lds position). Go forth strengthen one another. May the Lord bless us and our children and grandchildren. This Sherwood name is know throughout the world. I am so grateful for gospel in our lives and the lives of our families. May the Lord be with us in our efforts to be about what we need to be about.

3 older brothers and 3 older sisters and 6 younger bothers and sisters. I am in the middle. You know what that means squeezed in the middle. Above me they achieved in everything below me they were cute and achieved in everything. But I had A first. I was the first one to serve a mission. It was the one time in my life I was first. I think this was a great influence on my younger brothers; they all served missions. And the older ones served with their wives when they were older. In my opinion we are a missionary family. At my missionary homecoming I was visiting with a fellow I knew he asked, "how many did you convert?" I told him "none" he responded " well what did you do then?" I planted seeds and helped them desire to learn. The Spirit converts. We must want to do good before we do good we must desire to grow before we grow. My testimony to you is the gospel properly lived gives us that desire to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Each one of us has a great responsibility to share the gospel. We have set backs and disappointments that gives us strength and makes us go on. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and members of this family go forward and carry out the desire of our parents and grandparents by living and sharing the gospel both spiritually and physically. I say physically because if you don't adhere to the laws of the gospel then bodies won't have the desire and power to do the Lord's work.

We love our family. It is good to be here. Whether by my own voice or the voice of my servant it is the same. President Hinkley 4yrs ago in general conference spoke about Joseph sold into Egypt and the 7 good years and 7 bad years. I suppose we are in the beginning of those 7 bad years. Savior said there will be tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome tribulation. My counsel to you today is that there will be tribulation but be of good cheer. The one safe path is to follow those called as prophets.
In 1929 we drove about 100 head of cattle in the fall of that year. Dad said sell all but 8 cows to milk CJ and I drove cows to the rail road to McNary. Dad drove the food wagon. We were paid 10 cents a pound for that bunch of cows. We paid off all debt; in October of 29. Then the great Depression happened. The twenties were called the roaring twenties. There were plenty of jobs and money. President Hinkley in his talk was warning us that the time had come when there would be not so many jobs. We needed to prepare just as Joseph of old commanded to prepare to store food. We know Joseph worked his way from slave to manager
Brothers and Sisters I suggest with all my heart we as a family begin to prepare and become a Zion people. That we work together to support and strengthen love one another. I think we will have tough times--Follow the prophet he will lead us through these times if we listen and obey. Our Father has promised he will lead, guide, protect us if we will be obedient. Each of us that are baptised covenanted to always remember Him and keep the commandments which he has given. The Lord told Abraham we will go down and we will make an earth whereon these may dwell and we will prove them herewith to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them : And they who keep their first estate shall be added upon ...and they who keep their second estate shall have glory added upon their heads for ever and ever.
My testimony is the only sure way through these times is to follow the prophet. The time will come when all you have to eat is what you have stored or can grow. Tighten your belts be valiant in the testimony of Jesus. Do all things we are commanded if we do we are promised we will receive the blessings. If you almost keep the commandments then you almost get the blessings. We don't want almost. Keep the commandments therein lies safety.
I am so grateful for my heritage, for my parents who taught me in 3 ways: Example, Example, and Example. Only time I remember dad talking about the church is when---- I missed where he was or what the circumstance was but Dan said--- he said Bill I have always known Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He taught me the rest(of the gospel) by his life. I knew he believed what he said. I am grateful to you. I love you . I respect you. Remember Remember, the Book of Mormon is full of those two words, Oh my son remember God lives and loves each of us individually. He is bound by law to bless us if we keep His commandments. I leave this testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I learned so much at reunion about the originals. I didn't realize that 6 of the 14 served in WWII. I didn't know that each of the boys had two names and most went by their middle name until they entered the millitary. Uncle Larry was so humorus telling my cousin Valerie about her husband David he could have done better on his own (finding david). Uncle Bill gets along the best out of all the originals and he is the oldest. He was teasing Larry that he couldn't open up a gatorade bottle because "I shut it tight." The older ones were teasin' the younger ones about who did what work on the farm.

It was so neat to be there and to feel of their love for me and for our family. I think there was a larger gathering on the other side of our great great great grandparents and family wondering how we will turn out and hoping we will be valiant and make good choices that honor them and their sacrifices and honor our Father in Heaven and His Son.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Reunion

Close to Nutrioso, round valley, eager az.

Virgina Reel, auction, volleyball in the dark and during the day, cooking, eating, holding and playing with babies, listening to stories from the early 1920's, so much fun! Seeing cousins, 2, 3,4,5 cousins, great uncles, serving family, all equals a great time.

It was so funny this one little girl wanted to play volleyball with all us john sherwood kids and we said sure. Who are you..Daisy..who is your dad..john..oh i don't know him ...who is your steve..don't know him who is your great grandpa..wayne oh ok I know him come play. we had to go back to her great grandpa before I knew how she fit into the gang. I had a blast!

The stagecoach was in Santa Roasa NM. The pic above is my cousin Tyler Slade and some of his gang.

Below is my granpa calling the virgina reel in our sherwood forest family lodge. He is just behind me in the red shirt.

The one below that is all of us waiting for the program to start. we have a talent show fri and sat night. the dean of the byu viloin dept was there and man was it amazing to hear him play.
Cody hancock was not there but he is a world champion bull rider and Matt sherwood a world champion team roper. we have some talent family.