Sunday, May 24, 2009

about perfect

bon fire down on the beach
a fox on the beach eating some left over graham crackers

a moose on Tudor road may 16th

Me and my date on Friday the 22nd went to the Alaska Botanical Gardens and found that note on the gate..yeah we didn't go for a walk there but hit up the coastal is becoming one of my favorite places on earth!!

Memorial Day weekend

~ a date that included dinner, a long walk on the beach ** for reals** , a movie and joining a girls night
~chocolate girls night til 1:30 am
~hitting every value village (thrift stores) looking for a baseball glove and Laney made me buy some smaller shirts so I can show off my smaller figure. =)
~ buying my bike
~baseball for hours --thanks Katie Hill for setting that up I LOVED being permacatcher and only getting out once! YAY for me.
~first icecream cone of the summer
~church tomorrow
~camping sunday night at Eklutna lake --taking the bike out there nice riding around the lake
~bbq monday for Family Home Evening
~ Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

new job--kids leave--kris allen

All signed up for another year at my undisclosed school location--if I told you I would have to quit. =0) I am wicked excited about next year and having a hard time focusing on finishing up IEP reports...that I should be doing right now by the way. I am excited because it will be 6, 7, and 8th grade Social Studies. YAY!!!

There is an uneasy emptiness to my room. Y'all all know I do not do ALONE well. 1. My TA is gone some days it felt like these were our kids. I could look at Mandi and she would know what to do or say with one of the kiddos. She is at her sisters graduation in TX and I am way jealous. 2. My room is classroom library is so comforting. I love to read and having them all in boxes makes me sad. I can hear them screaming let us out! The book shelves look so lonely. 3. Kids are gone. I don't know weather to laugh or cry about that one. They each have their moments but I love them anyway...can't help it.

Kris Allen won American Idol. WOW. I can not believe that some one from little ole Conway, Arkansas. That is exciting. I know my family was all excited to call and tell me hours before anything aired here. Way to go Kris.

I have another date tomorrow with Mr. Valley. He is just good...a good dad...good hard worker...good to me...just good. I like it~ Later oh p.s. I am loving my new apartment!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Relief Society Spot Light

1. Where do u call home?
All over~ Alaska, Utah, Pennsylvania, and the hometown of Kris Allen.

2. Describe the perfect day.
Camping and a big ole breakfast, fourwheeling in some mud with the whole family picnicking by a nice lake, then cleaning up for a dinner date with Mr. Right to the symphony, finished off with star gazing on a trampoline or a nice sturdy porch swing...they have a tendency to break.

3. How do you spend your spare time? Spare time what is that? Reading adolescent literature, church books and the scriptures, being "Auntie", being outside with friends..y'all are awesome!

4. What are some of your skills, talents? Eating it is one of my best things =0) I have a pretty good memory, I have a love for light and truth and like to dispense it to others, people have told me I am funny, I like to make people feel welcome and at home, I am amazing with small children my brothers call me "Mary Poppins" ( maybe because I carry around so many bags =)

5. What is your favorite food, place, sport, indoor activity? I love my mommas lasagna, favorite place in the arms of someone I love; hugs are the best! keep 'em coming, volleyball, indoor activity--snuggling on the couch watching some John Wayne or old family home videos.

6. What is one of your favorite scriptures and why? 2 Nephi 9:54 feast upon that which perisheth not...and let your soul delight in fatness. This verse reminds me of what is really important and keeps me focused on the spiritual rather than the temporal. And 1 Nephi 21: 16 I will not forget thee, behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands. When I feel alone or forgotten this one brings me around.

7. Who is your favorite Hero/Heroine? My mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Complete this sentence: Happiness is...(in family life) is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ...really this was the first thing that popped in my head. Happiness is also the feeling I get when I am obedient, rocking a baby to sleep, laughing with my girl cousins at 2 am, feeling so close to someone, making memories, and traveling

9. Do you have any nicknames? Weechie from my dad, Larry from some cousins

10. Do you have a favorite church song? The primary song Love is Spoken here. Family isn't it about TIME? It is the dream I hope to create; one day.

11. Where all have you lived in your life? Pre-existence, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Alaska, and I don't know where else I aint dead yet.

Best weekend

So Thursday night I went with Laney to the temple and we did some initiatorys and then an endowment session. I love doing washings and anointings! Wonderful blessings promised to us there!!

Friday night was our wards baptism night. I did conformations and helped pass out towels. It was a great time. Afterwards a few of us went out to eat and had a great time. We went to a new place. I tried some of Kevin's lamb it was really tasty but the thought of it made me sad. Poor baby sheeps. Kevin also got some creme breulee to share and boy was it yummy! One of my favorites. When we left the restaurant it was pouring down rain and there was a beautiful rainbow!!! I met Erika to go for a walk down on the coastal trail. The sunset was gorgeous. It was so clear we could see Mt. McKinley which is 6 hours north of us.

Saturday I woke up and took Cessna my room mates dog for a walk. We went exploring a little creek. She is so funny. Then I had a stake Relief Society training meeting...or what I thought was a training turned out to be a brainstorming for our stake enrichment activity. It was good to mingle with some of the other sisters from the stake. I recognized some of them from volleyball. We are going to do that next year again. So fun to play on Saturdays with just us gals; it will help the winter go by.

Then I went home and packed the rest of my belongings and then Xiong called and asked me to go to a show with him and some friends. I took a packing break and went and saw Star Trek. I am not a huge Sci Fi girl but I must say I enjoyed the show.

Then we had a ward service activity. We raked some leaves for a veteran who can't. It was good to do some yard always feels good to work hard and see such immediate results. I miss that about the farm. Can't wait to have a home of my own and start a garden. After the project we went and did a fire down on the beach and watched the sunset. I love it here!!! There was a fox meandering around the beach he got pretty close to our fire. He was a curious little guy.

Sunday I slept in. With all the sunshine I have not been sleeping really well. I was sore from all the raking but again so good to feel like you worked hard. I walked to church. It was a gorgeous day! I will miss being able to walk to church ; the new place is too far. I am excited to be living with Laurie and Janell. Janell is here for the summer working for Royal. After church I got to talk to my family on the web cam that helps SOOOO much being able to see them. Baby Daniel was so cute he was smiling at me when I was talking to him. Oh, I can't wait to HOLD him again! Jared and Ann Marie will have a new one by the time I get home. Yay!! I love the babies.

Then Laurie had a group over for one of her delicious gourmet meals. We had roast, Brussels sprouts with walnuts and parsnips, peas with a sauce and bacon, fried potatoes, a yummy salad, strawberry shortcake with hand whipped cream, and brownies. I always do the dishes cause she won't let us bring anything...occasionally she will let me stir something. Living with her is going to be "a treat" punn intended =0). Tuesday evening I will be moving the rest of my stuff over. I took a small load when I went over Sunday evening.

It was just a great weekend ; productive, full of service, sunshine, friends, and family just NICE!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday, fun, and KRIS ALLEN

Well my birthday was a-maz-ing but y'all knew it would be cause I am right? he he he I went on a first date with a man from "the valley" Wasilla on Tuesday and that really set the party off right we went to dinner and a walk on one of the coastal trails. Friday I went camping with my good friend Laney and her older brother Greg and their family. I had a blast. We went out to the Eagle River and had a great time. Driving on the road to the campsite the sign says city waste facility -> camp grounds --straight and then the correctional facility <-- right. I was a bit concerned after seeing that sign but all was well.

Greg and Emily have 3 little boys and a one year old daughter. I so enjoyed being around them...especially the baby. She is so petite so how should I say "un-McKinney." Holding babies just soothes my soul. In Relief Society --I just got called to be the Enrichment counselor-- we were talking about clearing our minds and some one said that they think about the beach and I pipped up ( you know I can't help it) and said I think about rocking my future babies and everyone was awe'ing me it was one of those hilarious communal "awes". YSA ward Relief Society. geeze. No I love it........ really I do.

Kids are just great.. esp. little kids. They say the funniest stuff. One of the boys was getting smoke in his eyes and he said something like my eyes hurt I got an eye sickness. One of the younger ones came up with a great new way to make smores. Put the Chocolate inside the marshmellow (yes chocolate should be capitalized it is divine =) Then it gets all melty too. Yummy! It worked so well. No more trying to balance a graham cracker with chocolate on a roasting stick for me. I am stuffing those succors inside the mallows!

Laney lives with her sister Rebecca ( not for long in August we are getting a place) and she has two little girls and they are sooo adorable. They both call me Auntie Katie and it just melts my heart. The youngest just turned 3 and is so cute...and says the funniest stuff. I look forward to some Auntie Katie sleep overs when we move in August. That will get me through the winter...and maybe someone else too?

I also wanted to say congrats to Kris Allen -- I am sure he is reading this right now. I am so proud of him. I bet Conway has been so excited and all reeved up about him too. Go Kris go!! I just got down with my 3rd dinner and a walk date with "Mr. Valley man" and am having a lot of fun and enjoying getting to know his ambitious self. I will keep you posted..or is it blogged?? Oh second date was dinner and a play and ice cream AND guess what? a walk. We can't help but want to be outside... the weather has been GORGEOUS highs in the upper 50's-60's depending and tons of sunshine.

Oh I also wanted to put a Happy Mother's Day out there to my momma she is one of the most Christ like people I know. She is a truly a "Mother who knows" --sis beck '07 GC address. She cares more for the fashioning of her children and grandchildren than the fashions of the day. She knows that doctrine changes attitudes and behaviors and she obtains the word and loves the gospel. She is constantly serving us and those around her. She never sits still and is always wishing she could do more. I am so grateful for the woman she is and that I get to call her mom. Too bad Eldon does too...just kidding... Eldon you are one of my favorites. I still can't believe we took that crazy trip last year.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May -my birth month and Bluegrass month

I was listening to our great Borealis Bluegrass station and heard that May is Bluegrass month. Growing up music was a big part of our lives..not in the sense that we all played but watching our old family videos there was ALWAYS music playing in our house. My dad plays the guitar and some of my favorite memories involve him behind a guitar at a campfire somewhere. I was just thinking how much I really enjoy bluegrass music mostly because I was introduced to it as a young kid through two artist/bands 1) Ricky Skaags and 2) New Grass Revival- which broke up in the early 90's into-- Sam Bush, John Cowan, Bella Fleck..they have all gone on and had great solo careers. Since then I have enjoyed listening to a host of other pickers.

Anyway in response to bluegrass month borders books has teamed up with Rounder Records and is sending a free cd out with an order from any Rounder Record artist..Allison Kraus and Steve Martin are on that label. FYI If you have not heard her and Robert Plant together on Raising Sand it is worth a listen...I think.

May 1st has always been a fun day growing up thinking about only a week 'til my birthday. I love birthdays. They are so much fun. Being with people who love and care about you and think you are just great. I think I want to go camping on the river for my birthday. Nothing better than good friends spending some time in the great outdoors...of ALASKA none the less. Days like the last three remind me 1 why i moved here and 2 why i am staying for another year. Picture perfect weather!