Sunday, September 28, 2008

the view from my classroom is the dark picture. the other one is from on top of the parking deck at cristis hosptial

So the Relief Society General Broadcast was amazing; especially Elder Uchtdorf's address. He spoke about how women often see the imperfections and men focus more on their accomplishments. I know that is true for me. I could always do better at what I am doing. Especially in school. I feel totally inadequate to be working with my special population especially with their special needs. ....anyway I was really touched by his message about creating things and having compassion. I really enjoyed the way he defined creativity by something that was not there before.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fever Blisters and School

How annoying are fever blisters? They are like huge mosquito bites on your lips......lips are a lot like bums not really appropriate to play with or scratch in public. The blisters bleed like mad when they are broken via eating or smiling too fast not thinking that the smile of the night might turn into what resembles a severed artery that needs stopped before serious damage to your brain occurs.

So gross and irritating especially now that I am a teacher and have to answer a billion questions about them "what is that?"" Can I get that from you?"" how do you get it?" "a fever what?" Oh the curiosity of if I could only grow a fever blister on their social studies books I would be in business. =0)

My new student has been a perfect angel these first two days. =0 ) He is a bright student with some issues (like all of my wee darlings.)

This morning there was a momma moose with her baby standing in front of the school. She was HUGE. We had to shoo -and by we I don't mean me- her away before we could unload school buses. We have also had a black bear sighting on campus last month. I need to start circling through the parking lot before exiting my vehicle. Momma moose can be cantankerous I hear...and bears well I don't want to come face to face with one anytime soon.

My 5th grade class ,5 boys and 1 girl, is studying American History, all the science strands (through science kits that I have yet to figure out), reading / writing we are doing the Scholastic Read180 program and a modified reading writing workshop, math we are still reviewing multiplication and carrying numbers ( we are working on a math curriculum). Anyone who knows me must think it is hysterical that I am teaching math. We are also doing WHYTRY which is a social emotional education program based out of Provo, Utah. I think it is great program. (probably ran by Latter Day Saints, just a guess though) We have a teacher provided snack after recess every day and while they eat I read aloud a book. I try to do all the voices. So far we have read "Justin and the Best Biscuits in the Word", "Stone Fox", and now we are reading" Sign of the Beaver". "Where the Red Fern Grows" is on the list to be read as is "Walk Two Moons." I should probably put a WARNING on everything that I write stating.... even though I am a teacher, I am hardly ever grammatically correct; which must really irk some people. ( but details really are not my thing)

My YSA ( Young Single Adult) Ward (Mormon congregation) watched Elder Holland's CES (Church Educational System) broadcast on Sunday. On the way there it was raining and the sun was shinning...we had the most beautiful double rainbow I have ever seen. The rainbow was soooo bright. It was gorgeous. --The talk was amazing! He spoke about prison temples and how when Joseph Smith (restorer of Jesus Christ's Church to the Earth and translator of the Book of Mormon) was in Liberty Jail we received some amazing revelations. He said that when we are going through difficult times that is a time when we are probably the closest to the Lord relying on Him to see us through. He also spoke about cheerfully enduring our trials and that if life was hard for the Savior it would be hard for us. It was a profoundly beautiful talk. You can find it at as well as more information about my faith. I left with a peacefully feeling knowing that God in Heaven knows me and my trials and has He has "planned, prepared, and guaranteed my escape." I also left very excited for General Conference coming up!

How grateful I am to know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us to be able to return and live with Him; Jesus Christ being the central part of that plan providing the infinite sacrifice for our sins. I don't think I will ever be able to put in words my feelings for Him and the love that He has for me.

Sundays the best day of the week...and the day I miss my family the most. We would often have Sunday supper all together (minus Justin and Amanda and baby Kade in Florida) =0( What an amazing group of people to be surrounded with. (Flawed of course! Who is not??) They are the best though. I miss mommas home cooking. Anyone who has eaten at her table can testify of the deliciousness of her meals and of dad and his teasin', great stories, laughter, and doctrine all of which has also been consumed at that big ole McKinney sized table.

I miss Quincy and Amy and their little family of boys. Ben so smart, Gabe so kind, Sam so ready to play, Jacob lover of Signing Time DVDs.( and new baby in January yeah!! ) Especially little Jacob, my nephew with Down syndrome. He is a mess, a cute mess. You never know what he is going to find funny. He loves to empty out cupboards and do ring a round the rosie ..he thought that was a hoot the first time we sang/did that together.

I miss Jared and Ann Marie's little family. Emily Rae with a vivid imagination and an uncanny memory, Cole with his cute little smile and kisses, and baby "Uke" Luke his chubby little cheeks perfect for kissing.

Heck sometimes I even miss Spencer and Eldon. (Eldon and I got to drive up to Alaska together over the summer with mom and dad. It was an amazing trip. That will be a new post all it's very own. )Oh, and Janeen who is off at BYU Idaho for her sophomore year of college. I miss you guys! And countless Sherwood cousins, and second cousins, and and and.....Arkansas in general minus the heat. I do not miss that.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is Valdez with the sun setting over the harbor. It was so gorgeous! I will try to add more pictures later. I am still trying to figure out how to blog appropriately. Love you guys!! Wish you were here enjoying the bountiful beauties Alaska always has to offer.

Valdez Bear

I got to spend a week down in Valdez in August with my good friend Nicole Kay and Bethany L. We saw some amazing things there. This bear is only one of them. We saw tons of fishes, harbor seals, otters, black bears one with two cubs( so cute), seagulls

Sunday morning in September outside my apartment so I can use the wireless internet. For some silly reason it only works outside my apartment. I am sitting on some hard metal steps in my Arkansas hoody looking at the most beautiful fall leaves. I hear a helio bringing someone into Providence Hospital which is right behind my apartment and rain drops still coming out of the gutters. It rained earlier this worries I am not ruining my laptop. If I could smell I would imagine it to smell clean.

So who am I? and why am I blogging?....well I am a small town Arkansas girl who moved to Alaska for adventure and some romance, hopefully. I have found both in different ways. I have a rather large immediate and extended family and I thought this would be a great way for us to keep in touch..and so I wouldn't have to tell the same crazy stories over and over. You see I work at a special school for children with emotional and behavorial issues. I teach 5th grade and so far I have 5 students who make everyday a challenge and a blessing. They humble me, inspire me, and make me smile. Every day at school is an adventure.

Alaska is so beautiful sometimes overwhelmingly so. I love it here ...winter has yet to come though....