Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AK fun before I flee

So moving is always such an emotional roller coaster for me...full of highs the anticipation of new beginnings and adventures and lows of saying goodbyes and packing!!! Not to mention stress and anxiety which is probably why I am blogging at 1 23 am. Joblessness is a big stress even though i say I am not worried ( i know the Lord will provide something for me) got a call from a principal who said call me and if we haven't made a choice by then I'll interview you..same everywhere lower 48ers do not do phone interviews.

My youngest brother flew in on Friday and we have been partying up in A-town. We have gone white water rafting, to a glacier, through a 2.5 mile long tunnel to Whittier, an old gold mine, Girdwood to Alyeska ski resort, Talkeetna on the 3 rivers jet boat tour, seen moose, eagles, other birds, a fox, all kinds of wildflowers and mountains, a movie at the new theatre, playhed war ball, football, church, walk on the coastal trail,and it is only Tuesday night. He is hilarious and I have enjoyed being around him again! He should be getting his mission call any day now!!!! Way for him! He is going to be a great missionary.

Mom and Dad have had an adventure getting here already but things seem to be going smoothly now. I can't wait to see them and feels like I have been saying good bye for a month now; first to school people, now everyone else...granted I need this time to really process the move. I am ready to be on the way and feel the high and not be in the low--having Eldon here helps. One of my closest friend here said you act more comfortable with him here. It is so true having someone who has known you forever and loves you unconditionally (almost ha) is so calming. Plus he is a great kid and we have such a long past things come so easily. I think people give up to easily on new relationships intimate ones or not because they don't give the time to really grow a past a shared experience if you will-sorry total tangent but I can't be blamed its now 1 31 am and still not dark.

I just want to say how much I have learned in the past 2 years in my profession and in the gospel. I have made precious memories that are mine forever. We are our experiences and this has been a good one! I have learned more about TRUST and that faith is always exercised for a future event.

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SARAH said...

this is amazing, will be great if i can do sth like this in the near future