Friday, May 21, 2010

"alaskan" adventure about to end

So the students' last day was yesterday and I had them pull out all their old work for the year and we talked about what we did that we liked, and DID not like, and what was really fun! This was good for me esp as I was feeling like I could have done more with these ED (emotionally disturbed) kids.

My two history classes I had a short timeline of the year and they had to put it in order without their books and that was fun to see them do that...they did pretty darn good. Another class I made a graphic organizer for food, dances, projects, guest speakers, and movies. We filled it up and we all had a great time remembering the year. We watched old commercials and 20/20 interviews we had made, plays, skits, photos, and it was hilarious to see how they changed. We had a student who gained at least 30 lbs, two who drastically cut their hair, and they all grew so tall.

I will miss these kids and the familarity of the school and feeling like I know how to work the environment of the school i.e. the practice rooms, grey isolation rooms, cops there daily, and kids leaving for long stints in juevy and mental health facilities. I only had one crier he was in my 5th grade room last year and Ihad him in 6th grade social studies this year. He was going to miss me, but I think he was really crying because he forgot a card he made me at home. So goodbye kiddos! I will miss you and think of you often.

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