Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have had a great birthday! Some friends took the weekend to go camping in Kenai. We had a great time around a camp fire making smores. "how can I have more if I have not had any?" We rented a bike made for 4 that looked like an antique car and had fun riding it down to the softball fields to play some ball. We had tin foil dinners down on the beach and watched the sun set it was gorgeous!!! We drove back Sunday am and stopped at the Wildlife conservation center and saw some of the animals there, it was fun.

Church was good and then my dear friends and coworker Kay Papakristo invited me to her place for a birthday bbq. It was gorgeous outside!! Sunshiney.

Then I went with my roomate on a whale cruise out of Seward. It was amazing. We saw humpback whales a mom and baby, stellar sea lions, dahl sheep, thousands of birds, old WWII bunkers, eagles,and sea otters. We went to the Sea life center and had a great time there. One tank had some harbor seals and one of them hung out at the glass and played with you. He would follow your hand all around. He was sooo cute. I saw swimming birds up close and touched lots of sea plants and star fishes. It was great!! I think I will take my parents and grandparents there in a few weeks.

29 wow! This is not exactly where I saw myself as a youth but it has not been a bad ride. Some hard times now and then but overall some amazing experiences!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lived in 6 states (that I remember) 4 of them as a YSA. I feel like I am a well rounded person (no pun intended) who has been a risk taker. I have lived in every region of the USA. I have been exposed to city life, rural life, freezing climates, and hot climates. I have remained true to myself and to the covenants I have made. I have continued to love the Lord even through disappointments, trails, sorrows and know that the best part of my life is ahead of me. Faith is always facing forward. (remember lot's wife elder holland talk...AMAZING)

I long to have my own family and put down roots; when I get discouraged about this I just remember what I have control over and what I don't. I also remember that it only takes a short time to get married. I have known lots of couples who met and very quickly their lives changes dramatically. 2 from my ward here are now about to be parents, wow the difference a year can make...BUT if not then; I will continue to live my life having faith in the Lord and His infinite goodness, kindness, and His plan for me. I know part of my mission on Earth is to be a good example to others, to love others, and to learn all I can. These 3 things can keep me busy for a long time!!!


Nancy Allen said...


Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had a terrific time on your trip. You are wise beyond your years about life, and where you want to go, and how you want to live your life. I'm impressed.

Nicole said...

Katie! I'm glad you had a good birthday. Your last paragraph here is very insightful. Thanks for posting your comments so often- it makes me feel like I have a peer out there. And if someone as dang cool as Katie can be 29 and single, than I must not be that bad off either. You are doing a great job at life. And you are wise beyond your years. :) Love you!