Monday, April 26, 2010

Alaska Roadtrips

Since there are several people from the group I pal around with a lot who are moving in the near future we have decided to road trip on the weekends until we all leave. Fairbanks was the first road trip and probably the longest!

This past Saturday we drove to Girdwood and went up to the 7 glaciers restaurant; which is nestled on top of a mountain at the Aleyeska resort. We took the tram to get up to the top of the mountain. It was gorgeous! The food up top was sooo expensive; it was a 5* eatery. It was tasty especially the creme brulee ! The drive there was spectacular. It was a clear sunny day and the sun was sparkling on the sea. The sunset while we ate and reflected some color onto the snowy mountain side. On the way home, the nearly full moon captured our gaze as its' light danced on the mountain side and the surface of the wavy water.

I will post some pictures soon!

On a side note- I can not believe that another year of school is almost over! The end of the year around here gets intense. Last week we had 4 students arrested and 2 intervention coaches i.e. security guards taken to the hospital for x-rays. One for a hand that got slammed in a door, the other for his nose, head butt to the face. We had a brawl in the hallway right outside my door that I thought would end up looking like a saloon fight in a John Wayne flick but it only dragged in 3 students. It has been nuts around here for sure!!! I am sure there is only more to come.


Janae' said...

Holy Cow I hope you survive Katie!! And I really hope you post pictures! I love all your Alaska pictures!1

SARAH said...

great adventure!