Friday, April 30, 2010

Lunch funny and Recognition

So I often will go across our back track over to The ARC of Anchorage, an organization that helps disabled kids. They help them learn work skills; part of their program is an in-house cafe. I got a baked potato. I came into the gym like I have many times before, only this time one of our "special" kids grabbed a handful of hot potato and threw it then licked his hand. It reminded me of our Downs Jacob he is so fast at grabbing food and he will do the same thing. It made a great mess all over me and the gym....oh geeze!

I felt awful for him cause he kept saying hot hot hot hot hot..and his aid felt bad for my lunch. Our administrative assistant went and got me a new potato over at the cafe while I was helping our janitor and special kid clean up the mess. How sweet!

Yesterday at our end of the day meeting our Principal ,who is maybe 5'1 and sometimes looks really funny talking and dealing with kids who are seriously 2 or 3 times his size, recognized me for my giving up my prep period to go in with the 6th grade PE class and helping out Coach Danny who has 9 kids and no teachers assistant in there. Everyone clapped and it felt nice to be recognized publicly for that effort/sacrifice!!!!

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